What is the NHS e-Referral Service?

The NHS e-Referral Service (previously known as Choose and Book) is a national electronic referral service that allows you to choose the place, time and date for your first outpatient appointment. You can find out more about the service at 

What happens after your consultation?

Your GP will complete the referral letter and pass on to the Referral Administrators, who will then process accordingly. Once you have been referred the practice will send out a generic message informing you that your referral has been processed.

Manage your referral online

Managing your referral online is easy. You can book your own appointment on a date and time that’s convenient for you. You may also be able to choose which hospital or clinic you go to. Once booked you can check the details, change your appointment or cancel it, if it is no longer needed. The service is fast, convenient and secure. 

How to manage your referral online

If you are referred, visit You will need:

  • your booking reference number
  • the access code(password)
  • your year of birth.

If you have been referred, but don’t have your booking reference number or access code, please contact your practice.

If you have any problems booking online, call the telephone number on your booking letter given to you in your consultation.

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